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Things to do From
Your Home

In Writing

  • For Narrative writing - Write a shared story, real or made up. This could be done on paper and made into a booklet or on the computer.


  • For Informational writing - Pick a topic of interest, write down what you know about the topic. Then research the topic to find out more to add to your document.


  • For Persuasive writing - Have your child put in writing what they would like to get permission to do for the upcoming weekend or vacation. Have them support their request with supporting reasons.


In Reading

  • Literature - Read a book, then watch the movie based on the book.  Compare and contrast the characters and their traits, setting, and plot.


  • Nonfiction - Pick a topic for an informational writing piece and do the research to learn more about that topic.

  • Critical Thinking - Try your hand at a Virtual Escape Room through Hogwarts. Begin HERE.


In Math

  • Take your fraction learning into the kitchen and make a recipe together, or into the garage or craft room to create a project.


In Science and Social Studies

In Art

Take any favorite book that is told primarily through a narrator's point of view and create a shadow puppet theater.

Here is a how-to video: Make Shadow Puppets

Here is a short classroom production: Tikki Tikki Tembo

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