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End of the Year

May 20, 2024

You don't want to miss this celebration! 

We'll tour the field, spend time in the Hall of Fame, enjoy a catered lunch, swap some curricula, and hand out awards. Weather permitting, we'll go across the street to play at Titletown and then tailgate for dinner. It will be a full day of fun.

Your entire nuclear family is welcome and are free of charge. Please understand that extended family (ex: aunts/uncles, grandparents, cousins) and friends will need to enjoy a Lambeau tour on a different day.

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Schedule of Events

TBA - Arrive at Lambeau Stadium

10:00* - First Stadium and Hall of Fame Tour Groups

12:00 - First Lunch Groups

1:15** - WISE Celebration and Student Recognition

2:00** - Swap

*Groups will begin in 15-minute intervals, with the first two groups beginning at 10:00am. Some groups will tour the stadium first while others will begin in the Hall of Fame. 

*Groups will be approx. 30 people in size. You will have an opportunity to request preferred assignments (time and other attendees) on the registration page. Important: Groups will need to begin on time. If you are running late, we'll simply assign you to another group.

**These times are approximate. Please come with flexibility in mind. 


If the Weather Permits...

Once the formal Celebration is finished, and if the weather is cooperative, we can drive to the other side of the stadium. That parking lot is closer to Titletown and should be relatively free from other cars. From that parking lot, we can easily walk across the street and play at Titletown for a while. After Titletown, we can walk back to our cars and have dinner tailgate style. 

Please be aware that this portion of the day is no longer hosted by WISE. You are free to come and go as you see fit and will need to bring your own food if you plan to tailgate. You are welcome to bring balls to toss, corn toss boards, and other outdoor games. Maybe we can park in a way that "circle the wagons" to keep children safe. Let's play it by ear.

3:30** - Titletown

5:00** - Tailgate

**These times are approximate. Please come with flexibility in mind. 

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How to Register

Registration is going to ask you a million questions. It will ask what time you prefer to tour, if you have others you'd like to tour with, if you have any dietary needs, and what accomplishments your children have achieved this year. 

When the registration window has closed, we will figure out all of the who/what/when pieces and send you a personalized invitation. Your invitation will tell you where to park, how to navigate dropping any swap items off, how early to arrive, and where your tour begins. 

Deadline to Register: May 5, 2024

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